Adding your first Course


1. Download the KarmaCollab app from the App Store or Google Play 


2. Sign up using your UC Davis email​


3. Once logged in, you will be prompted to add a course. Click the “Add course” button.

First Screen Upon Login

4. Click the blue plus button “+” 

Manage Courses

5. Click on the “Select a course” field to search for your course.

6. Type in your course abbreviation (e.g. CHE 2A)

Choose Course

7. Tap on your course from the drop down.

8. Click “Add Course”

9. You're ready to start posting!


10. Click on the back arrow to get back to the main home screen.


How to Post a Question


To post a question or discussion topic, click the plus “+” button on the top right corner of the home page. Or, select “Post Question” from the menu. 

Main Menu
Home Screen
Post Question
Mark Resolved

When you're done, swipe left on the topic to mark it as resolved and send it to the Archive tab.

You can always find resolved questions from the class in the Archive section. 

Start or Join a Video Room

  1. Click on a topic to open the chat 

  2. Click on "Enter Video Room" - this will bring up your camera

  3. Go to on any desktop browser - this will show a QR code

  4. Using your phone, center the QR Code using the in-app camera

  5. Your browser window will automatically direct you to the video room for the topic

  6. Check your microphone & video camera

  7. Click Join!

  8. Anyone else in the discussion will receive a notification that someone entered the video room

Laptop QR Code
iPhone QR Code

How is my Karma Score calculated?

You get points for:

  • Posting quality questions

  • Posting quality chats

  • Chatting in a video room

You get the most points for video chatting, so don't be shy! Climb to the top of the leaderboard by being a discussion guru.



Is something broken or not working right? Email us at for App-related issues.